Whether it’s maintaining a healthy diet with chef grade kitchens, enjoying fresh air amidst beautiful community landscaping or simply spending time with family, the 2-car garage towns and singles of Fairfields at Highlands of Millbrook will help you practice the best work-from-home habits!

Get Moving!

Spending even just an hour outside offers some much-needed relief when stuck inside, and it’s even more important during a hectic workday. And with incredible natural areas right outside your door, there’s never been a better place to stop and smell the roses.

Reach for the Stars, or at Least Your Toes.

No matter your age, stretching is vitally important to the work-from-home lifestyle. If you’re hunched over your desk like most, take just 10-15 minutes a day to loosen your muscles and clear your head.


Eat Right.

Don’t order takeout twice a day. Take the time to prepare quality healthy meals, and fuel your body the best you can. With several markets and grocers just 2 minutes from Fairfields, you’ll quickly notice a stark difference in motivation, ability, and concentration.

Set Aside Time for Yourself, and Your Family.

Sometimes it can be difficult to “switch off” when working from home so much, and the lines between work time and personal time can often be blurred. But with Millbrook’s one gigabyte internet speed, relax with the fastest internet anywhere after a day of seamless virtual presentations, crystal clear video calls and instant company downloads!

Change Your Space.

Even with the most remarkable home workspace set-ups, spending all your time in one room will undoubtedly drain you and lower your motivation. But a simple change of scenery is the perfect remedy! Vary your work areas in Fairfields many dens, home offices and flex spaces and watch as your best work comes naturally.


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