Be it for work, education or keeping in touch with family and friends, speedy reliable internet is a necessity in these uncertain times. Now this may be fine for city folk with 143mbps download and 17mbps upload speeds, but almost 40% of homes and businesses in the Durham region don’t meet the requirements of the minimum basic internet service level. The Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) states that the basic service level is 50mbps down and 10mbps up, though many towns and districts don’t even come close to meeting this threshold. It’s astounding to think about, but most of these areas won’t have comparable city speed internet for another 10 years!

Lifestyles and routines have turned on their heads since the work-from-home meta began, but thankfully Millbrook has had The Gig Project from when they first opened back in 2017! The goal of this enterprise, spearheaded by the Ontario Regional Network (EORN), brings ultra-fast high-speed internet to Millbrook residents. With a backbone built of fibre optic cable, this $1.6 billion investment in infrastructure gives Millbrook incredible one gigabit internet speed. For reference, a single gigabit is equivalent to one thousand megabits. Yeah, that’s a lot.

The “Gig Project” will no doubt ensure that Millbrook will have the connectivity required to recover from the pandemic and proliferate in the long term. Living in Millbrook means having seamless lightning-fast internet that makes working from home, learning from a distance, using smart technologies or Zooming with family and friends an absolute pleasure. In fact, it’s likely that Millbrook will surpass many cities globally in terms of internet speed, reliability and availability in the not too-distant future!

With Phase 1 of The Gig Project completed and Phase 2 in the process, there’s no better time to get the most in Millbrook at The Highlands of Millbrook! Just minutes from Durham Region and the GTA, Millbrook offers great big city amenities in a family friendly up-and-coming community. Find an incredible collection of spacious floor plans to suit every family’s needs, with ideal flex spaces that make working from home a true joy. Not to mention some of the fastest internet speeds in the country. Visit our Presentation Centre at 899 Fallis Line in Millbrook or call us at 1-844-932-0333 today to learn more about this exciting opportunity at the Highlands of Millbrook!

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