We dive into the best local places to spend time on the water in our latest post!   Millbrook’s Peterborough County location means you can enjoy more time on the water close to home when you live here. If you are looking for a place to swim in the area, you can find plenty of great options on theswimguide.org. Here are some refreshing lake destinations you can explore close to The Highlands of Millbrook this summer!   Port Hope East and West Beaches West Beach at Eldorado Pl, South of Mash St. East Beach at Mill St. & Madison St. 29 Minute Drive Port Hope boasts two beautiful beaches just moments from their historic downtown. Situated on Lake Ontario, these beaches are regularly tested for bacteria levels, and are great to swim in a majority of the time. Be sure to check with beach conditions before you set out to swim.   Beavermead Park 2011 Ashburhnham Dr. — 15 minute Drive Beavermead Park is located on the pristine waters of Little Lake. This beach is known for its exceptionally good water quality, and is regularly tested by Peterborough Public Health. It’s lifeguard patrolled beach is an excellent choice for families.   Rogers Cove Beach Maria St. & Mark St. — 20 Minute Drive Also on Little Lake, Rogers Cove Beach is another great choice for families, with a playground for kids to enjoy. There is also a splash pad at Rogers Cove, for those who prefer to keep cool without getting in the lake!   These are just the closest beaches to The Highlands of Millbrook. If you are willing to drive within the 45-minute range, there are many more beaches just waiting to be explored. If you’re planning a lakeside excursion in our area, why not stop into our Presentation Centre at 899 Fallis Line to see how you can live a little close to your favourite outdoor places to play!  

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